Alternative Afrika


Alternative Afrika is a pan African News Website that is dedicated primarily to influence the negative narratives about Africa in the western media. We champion the course of the black people and defend the INTEREST of AFRICA and her people anywhere in the world.

We hope to do this by focusing and showcasing the many developmental strides sweeping across the continent that are deliberately ignored or suppressed. We will give prominence to trade, science and technology, sports, education, culture and tourism and other developmental projects that impact positively on the continent and advance the economic and social wellbeing of her people.

It is our belief that crime and many other vices are global phenomenon and should be characterized and reported as such without been situated as African. This deliberate criminalization of the continent has adversely affected its image and taken toll on inflow of international trade and businesses.

We acknowledge that Africa, like all continents of the globe has its share of dubious people who denigrate the name and image of the continent. In spite of our set goals, Alternative Africa will refuse to look away from this dastard act.

Through our reporting, we shall vigorously oppose and expose all efforts in any shape and disguise including collaborations that exploit our continent.

In equal manner we shall strive to hold African leaders to account and uncover the truth if those in power hide behind falsehoods. We will continue to sort facts from fictions and duly represent the underrepresented when issues concerning them are ignored. More importantly we hope to be the VOICE of Africa in the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.…..we are challenging the status quo.

Consequently, Alternative Afrika is a public trust dedicated to the pursuit and upholding the principles of Journalism. Truth, fairness and equal representation for Africans at home and in the diaspora